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NOTE: If you are using a distribution specific package, follow your distribution's instructions.

You need to be root to install pytelemeter. If you don't have root, just copy all .py files in the distribution into a dir and run it from that dir.
Just run as root (using sudo is even better, but this should always work):

python install

Setting up for use
Log on with your normal user account to set up a config file:

cp pytelemeterrc ~/.pytelemeterrc

Edit ~/.pytelemeterrc to match your Telenet login and password.
Last but not least, chmod your config file to safe permissions:

chmod 600 ~/.pytelemeterrc

Now run pytelemeter-gtk, pytelemeter-tray or pytelemeter-cli (add -h to view cli options).

Don't forget to read the FAQ section if you encounter any problems.