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Mailing lists
Feel free to subscribe to the pytelemeter-support mailing list to get support, ask questions, make suggestions, ...
To keep yourself informed about new releases etc. subscribe to pytelemeter-news!
Note that you do not need to subscribe for a single support request, just send a mail to

Q: I can't install pytelemeter on my Debian system, I get an "ImportError: No module named distutils.core" error!
A: Install the python-dev package.

Q: I can't run pytelemeter-gtk, I get an "RuntimeError: could not open display" error!
A: Set your DISPLAY environment variable, usually this means: export DISPLAY=:0 (when this faq item occurs, mail us).

Q: I can't install pytelemeter on my Mandrake system, I get an "invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.x/config/Makefile" error!
A: Install the libpython2.x-devel package (in addition to python, python-devel).

Q: I am a Gentoo geek and pytelemeter doesn't work on my lightning fast optimized system!
A: Make sure you put SSL support in your USE flags before installing Python.

Q: I can't create an RPM using distutil's bdist_rpm, I get an "AssertionError: unexpected number of RPM files found" error!
A: This is in fact a distutils bug. Upgrade to Python >= 2.4.